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  1. I have a stock steering wheel with airbag if you're still looking... pm me if you are
  2. I have a spoiler that is the same style as stock but from what I have searched it's called a superwing... basically it's just a larger stock version.. pm me if you're still looking
  3. I have a 93 Del Sol power steering reservoir and rack and pinion and the hoses if it is the same fit for your civic..
  4. I have a Honda Del Sol body that is almost completely stripped down... I am in the process of 100% stripping it down to basically anything that can be unbolted from the car... the cabin and trunk is essentially stripped of everything with the exception of the windshield and steering column in the cabin... the engine bay is the last thing to be stripped including the suspension and then whatever is left on the underbody and everything... I am looking to sell the shell itself as quickly as possible or else I will be taking it to the scrap yard.. I am keeping all the parts and in the proce
  5. All I have from that is the exterior door handle for the passenger side
  6. OEM del sol seats.. gray with blue stripe.. everything included with the seats as in they were just unbolted from the car and removed from the seats.. the driver has a patch on the outer part of the seat but it's only about 3 inches by 2 inches but it doesn't appear to be covering much damage probably just a scratch there.. otherwise both seats has about a 1/8" hole where the left thigh would be... otherwise the seats just need a good cleaning I can ship them anywhere.. I would just need to know where to ship them to for a quote and I would break them down into the smallest box I could
  7. gotcha.. well good luck in the army sucks that you'll have to sell it
  8. still interested in the qp got-sol? i'm starting to get towards the end of my needs with the body itself
  9. yeah i know about the shipping and all that... I have shipped stuff in the box that I am using it is just the bumper cause of the size
  10. ahhh... well i've got a box to ship the quarter panel which I would think wouldn't be too much to ship since it's not very heavy but if you did want a bumper that would probably be pricey to ship
  11. do you live around? or you wanting me to ship it?
  12. got it... I haven't looked around it all I just know it's all one big piece
  13. Ok so about half way up the left side back window part and half way down the tire well all the way back to the bumper and trunk where it unbolts?
  14. well I have the quarter and the bumper so that would work... so that would be no problem
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