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    Salisbury, Maryland
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    Living life to the fullest b/c i wont get to do it twice.
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    Cory Long
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    icp is beastt
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    93 ej1
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    greddy short shifter, ls leather sheats, full s2k exhaust from header back, aem short ram intake, lowering springs and a few other things.
  1. good work bro, im diggn the purple rims lol, it was kinda weird at first when u came to the house i didnt even think it was u lol.... but yea great work dude and im tryn to get the civ on the road soon i kno its taken a really long time but money has been a big problem well u kno the crap i gotta pay for lol.... peace bro
  2. i'd stay with a civic bro
  3. MugenKid91

    New project

    its gonna look good man
  4. good luck dylan hopefully i can come up sunday cant take the car tho =[ still not on the darn road
  5. i never thought about that thanks bro
  6. lol nah primers just not gonna do it for me haha. im thinkn about a grey kinda dark but not to dark b/c im gettn carbonfiber lips, so i want the carbonfiber to stand out better.
  7. thanks bro i just wasnt sure if i need a sealer or if i could just primer it and not have to worry about it
  8. ok i have been workn on my bodywork for a little while now, im ready for primer and i need to know if the is some kind of sealent or something i need to put on the roof of my car b/c we had to take it down to bare metal. the rest of the car is primed just not the roof.
  9. looks really good bro, i hope everything works out with the turbo.
  10. looks really good bro
  11. MugenKid91


    i want a k20 but i dont have the money for it right now lol, but im gonna probably just do some minor engine work just to make it little faster until i can get the money for the k20
  12. MugenKid91


    i want to get a k20, but thats gonna be a long time cause 1 i dont have the money lol, and 2 i need to get a tranny swap to rwd =[ way to much money right now. but hopefuly in the long run.
  13. MugenKid91


    my bad guys i wasnt on for a while but, yeah im sanding it down right now for a paint job. exterior= carbonfiber lips and the black strip on the doors. black rims not sure what kind yet, a light gray paint, headlights, and thats about it for the outside. right now engine wise im going all out=D
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