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    danbury , ct

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    1991 honda civic hatchback
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    cold air intake,strute bar, full 2 " exhust,rims, si suspension and brakes..full si interior
  1. pretty low..juss lowerd the teggy today with eibach spsrings need moar low =/
  2. wooooooot beach houseeee im brining the vodkaaaaaaaaa
  3. I've had 4 ef hatches .k5 blazer 89 gti,toyota paseo and eg hatch now a 94 teggy lol and I'm 23
  4. sooo found out clutch wasn't blow..byby axle lol but putting in an exedy stage 1 clutch ne ways and new axels

  5. lets pick a date i wanan jus go cruising wit my teggy..cant wait for a 6 hour drive lol
  6. dont do it soon...re doing my clutch atm lol exedy stage 1 racing clutch =) and i juss instaled my sway bars yesterday
  7. werd im down...blew my clutch today so gives me an exscuse to get a stage 1 no now lol
  8. so ne one have a performance or stage clutch for a 94 teggy ls ? blew my clutch last night was soooo pissed http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/94-01-ACURA-INTEGRA-ALL-XTR-STAGE-1-CLUTCH-KIT-B18_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem5d2852a736QQitemZ400108463926QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories#shId ne one herd of them...ne good?
  9. soo lets coem up with a date lol
  10. its gunna take me like 6 hours to get htere so i dont wanna drive forever lol
  11. ya we need a date lol im not working atm so i m free this yearl ol i diidnt get to go last year...and i havent talked to ryan in forever he stil come on herre?
  12. bumb for my sexy teggy lol
  13. new pics with friends ludes
  14. how far is de from ct ? if its not tooo far ill go lol..nm looked it up about 5-6 hour drive i can make it let me know wat date it is! i wanna meet ppls
  15. joe_112786


    wtf i paid 200 for my black ls meshies =( with new goodyear tires lol and u only paid 80 =(
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