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    santa ynez california
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    my car, tattoos, paintball and other stuffs

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    1999 honda civic lx
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    coil overs, intake,.upper front and rear strut bars, jdm fog lights, jdm fenders

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  1. syvpunk

    someone help

    i had the same thing happen to me. bleed the system...
  2. sup bro, its kevin

  3. syvpunk


    the clutch is new. about 15000 miles ago. and i made sure that i lubed everything. maybe its just a faulty bearing. this blows.
  4. syvpunk


    i have a 99 civic lx 5 speed. when then engine is at idel there is a chattering sound, but when i push the clutch in the noise goes away. is there any way to get rid of the clutch chatter?
  5. syvpunk


    this is some good stuff. if you ever want to clean your intake mani use the power foam. its great. after just using that i noticed a diff.
  6. syvpunk


    just got done with a tune up. a buddy of mine told me about amsoil and so i thought that i would give it a try. got there SSO oil. oil filter. fuel filter. air filter. power foam and PI fuel cleaner. ngk plugs and wires. my car has over 113000. I tried the power foam and it cleaned out all the carbon and crap that was in my head and intake. car runs 100x better.
  7. syvpunk

    engine build

    looking to build a d16y7. dont want a do a full dohc swap. and suggestions on what i can do to a d16. im ballin on a budget.
  8. syvpunk

    timing belt

    i thought the same thing. but unlike my friende who did bent a few valves i didnt sit there like a moron and try go keep craking it over to get it to start. as soon as it happend i knew what it was. it was only a matter of time. i was well past when i was suppost to change it.
  9. syvpunk

    timing belt

    here are pics. http://s148.photobucket.com/albums/s19/illhonda/
  10. syvpunk


    http://s148.photobucket.com/albums/s19/illhonda/ would help if i added a link
  11. syvpunk


    here are a few pics that i have of my honda. going to get more soon,
  12. syvpunk

    timing belt

    While I was driving around town the other day my check engine light came on. Then the car started to sputter. And then it died. I had it towed to the dealership to see what had gone wrong. I snapped the timing belt. The mechanic said I was lucky that I didn’t bend a valve or do something worse to the motor. So $600 later I got my car back. But if I did blow the motor I guess it would have just been time for a swap.
  13. syvpunk


    oh crap thats right.. im going to go do that right now.. why such a smart ass reply?
  14. syvpunk


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