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  1. Hello, As you all know, the 2004 model had many changes on the previous models 2000-2003, major was the wheels jumped from 16" to 17". Now here's the question: If I have the 2002 model which comes with 16" stock, can I put the 17" wheels model of 2004? I'm sure can, but will it affect anything, in other word did Honda enhance the suspension in the 2004 model to support the 17" wheel, or it's just that they put bigger wheels? Can anyone have a link to the list of changes between the 2004 and previous models. Technical changes not silly ones like glass rear or clock or you know "gadgets".
  2. I have a B16A2 engine came stock on my EG6 1992, I want to replace my block with a B20Z (CRV), what parts should I change? I want to keep my B16 head obviously Can I keep everything the same, engine mounts, transmission, clutch ,axles
  3. Guys, for those who think this is a stupid question, well noone forced you to reply anyway, and getting a hint for free, will not harm, and for those who said something around 5k thank you because I launched at around 5500 when I was rolling at like 10km/h, and it was a great launch actually, and here's the link of the launch with a GOLF Mark II with ABF engine 2.0 DOHC 16 http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...p;search=Search
  4. I need help from A to Z on how to build B20 VTEC, I'm going to choose the B20Z block which comes with 147HP, and the B16A Head, now I have a B16A originally in my EG6, it's VTI, what do I need to change? does my transmission fit, should I keep it? axles? engine mounts? can anyone help me?
  5. 3500-6000 ?!!! thank you
  6. Well, first I don't want to ruin the clutch or the suspension with too many launches, and after all, an opinion cost nothing, I will do it, but after I take a hint, that's it, I'm just asking for a hint, and consider tires not very new, and not too old, suspension is good, I'm asking for the range of the best not necessarily an accurate RPM, for example 3000-4000 5500-6000 something like that.
  7. I have an EG6 B16A, what is the best RPM to launch at with the minimum spin and hit close to the VTEC cross over when the traction takes place so that I don't delay much, in other word which RPM gives you the perfect launch ?
  8. - I need a suggestion for the best oil to be put into B16A2, I use to put Castrol full synthetic 10-60, I heard it's not that good ? at least not to the B16A2 maybe good for other type of engines. - If I want to change my block and put B20Z block on my B16A2 head, what parts do I need to get or tune ? I heard people saying things about chaning the compression ratio ?can it be changed ?
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