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  1. dude... soles get some thinner z rated tires and drop that bitch a lil more. My sol is sooo slammed it tuckes the wheels on 15's and i wouold fit under that 18 wheeler trailor.
  2. yea dont trade for that pos. unless you want to be called a ricer and get nothing but teenie bopper lil girls. ha so if your a homosexual child molester.... this may be the car for you! ha (not sayin you are)
  3. yea if i end up just getting a diff bumper im just going with the mugen one.... i love it. Its sooo sweet if you have an intercooler. BUt me... im cheap and i dont so... heh like this front end!
  4. yea i ahve had the car up and running and still am fixing stuff. I just bought front and rear camber kit that do +/- 3.0 and a new ac condinser and im about to buy eichbach pro series shocks and springs. So im still makin it betta lol but the aux light like got messed up in the accident and i was looking for something diff lol. if anyone has links for those lights yall were talkin about./.. post em thx
  5. is there any other lights you can buy that are made to fit there. If not where can i find just the stock ones for sale.... kinda was looking for something diff though.
  6. do you think they would look good if they were like lemans yellow? or better smoked?
  7. ha i jsut thougth of something.............. what if she turned around and her face was all blah.... like black teeth.... missing one..... faint mustache haha That woudl suck.... major.... cause thats a mighty fine ass gone to waste haha.
  8. haha they have more great things that will clear ya mind if ya know what i mean lol
  9. here we started to have liek 1 or 2 new charger cops, and then like 2 undercover 01 mustang gt cops
  10. :thumbsup: im with this one! lol
  11. junk yard wants 100 and i dont think new would be 50..... i want it so my car is quiet.
  12. does n e one have a stock muffler they want to get rid of... cause i want it... msg me thx
  13. yea theres only like 3 delsol's around here.. mine, this chick that works at hooters, and some guy that likes rice or jsut wants to be gangsta in a sol lol.... cause i saw his car in the paint shop and its going blue but has 19 inch chrome rims..... yes... eww....
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