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  1. EGRacer

    happy b-day ssr

    it was a busa. had it for 3 weeks. couldn't get insured so i sold it to a buddy. but like ashley says. who cares?
  2. EGRacer

    happy b-day ssr

    you misspelled CRX
  3. EGRacer

    random thinking(reopened for your pleasure)

    alright for everyone that is pissed at me Sorry! Guess I will hang around but not do any modding chored unless asked.
  4. EGRacer

    random thinking(reopened for your pleasure)

    why? I don't have an EK.
  5. EGRacer

    Rear Disc Question

    use a GSR setup. 94+ I believe.
  6. EGRacer

    random thinking(reopened for your pleasure)

    it was shut down to start a new one. mods figured 23 was enough for one thread. i'm tired of getting bitched out about it so I'm just gona let this one go.
  7. EGRacer

    Which car.....ssr vs stuck

    enough with seeing who has a bigger cock.
  8. EGRacer


    if i have to keep settling both of you down and closing topics like this i'm going to be pissed. enough is enough already.
  9. ah ty. now I have a new title. no pw for me.
  10. ahhh so true. ok ill settle for an EG copy
  11. ZC REX(owned a nice rex), Floored Blazer(dropped s-dime), qkrthanu(because I'm always quicker than you), EGRacer(thats what im hoping to get). does it matter if I change my name?
  12. EGRacer

    Venom Performance Module

    It just connects to your MAP and TPS sensors and watches the outputs characteristics and changes the inputs. maybe 5hp at the crank if you are lucky.
  13. EGRacer

    IM and throttle body

    so very very lost. TB should be the last thing you need.

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