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    94 del sol si
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    full exaust, cold air, cam, pullys, plugs wires chip rims tint lowered lights stereo hood. and a water gun installed in the side of the car to squirt ppl that i dislike.
  1. littleducecoupe94

    whats best

    o... well i was just wondering what a better swap would be and sorry im not a super nerd when it comes to hondas
  2. littleducecoupe94

    whats best

  3. littleducecoupe94

    Experience With Skunk2 Lowering Springs.

    my sols lowered 2" with 17s it looks bad ass. i have skunk 2's but i would sugest getting new struts its a little bouncy but then again i dont think mine were ever changed like ever (stock struts) but any way good luck wit it.
  4. littleducecoupe94

    automatic to 5 speed

    iight i found them thanks
  5. littleducecoupe94

    whats best

    i figured out the trans ordeal .... but now i need to know whats better for my sol, this guy i found in jersey has 2 motors he has a worked b18 turbo'd the whole nine, i think, at least thats what he told me like pistons cams vavles bearings etc.... he also has a b20 stock with an ls intake gsr trans stage 3 clutch obd1 ecu. ok so my buddy has a civic with a b20 cant hook for crap and he has the same set up as the one the guys selling so i was thinkin the b18, plus its all done up, but its only a little del sol so im not sure if it will hook or not . soo if any of yous could help me out that would be great (now il beat her si) lol Thanks
  6. littleducecoupe94

    automatic to 5 speed

    i did thats how i found hondaforums... would you know any good sites?
  7. littleducecoupe94

    Yo how clean do you think some gsr baldes on my sol would be?

    if hubcapheaven.com is still around id try that or ebay...
  8. littleducecoupe94

    automatic to 5 speed

    ok but i still need to know what i need for the 5 speed , and that car isnt that fast...
  9. littleducecoupe94

    Low Power Stumble

    first check the plug wires then the plugs if ther ok then make sure the distributer isnt messed up or any thing ... then if that doesnt fix it try an injector cleaner its called B-12 CHEMTOOL best thing in the world for injectors.... if thats not it repost and i think of some other things.
  10. littleducecoupe94

    automatic to 5 speed

    wut up pplz i just got a 94 del sol si... i bought it for my girl originally but i love this car now so i went and bought her a 06 civic si so i could keep the del sol .......... any way she keeps smoking me when we race and its really pissin me off lol so i need to put a 5 speed in my car so i was wondering like wut the best swap would be and what all i need to switch it so any help would be awesome THANKS ps. after the swap will she still be faster?
  11. littleducecoupe94

    del sol & 205/50/16 tires

    im lowered 2 inches with 17s and im not rubbing but i have 40's

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