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  1. 91_ZC_Honda

    4th Gen Hb Choptop?

    How would you be able to drive in that. The top of the headrests are just about touching the roof. =o)
  2. I'm in the market to get rid of the chrome wheels that were on my 91 HB when I bought it but I'm not sure of the offset. Its a 4 lug pattern just not sure of the offset. Also anyone have suggestions for a new type of wheel? I was looking at the Maglite Axis (hyperblack) because in my town no one has black rims. White rims are OUT OF THE QUESTION. I think they're terribly ugly. Anyway, and suggestions on black rims would be cool. Also any websites with tire / wheel combos would be great also.
  3. 91_ZC_Honda

    1991 Civic Hatchback W/zc Engine

    Could I install new cam gears without upgrading cams? I've been looking at fuel rails but I'm not sure which one to order.
  4. 91_ZC_Honda

    Probs With Installing Ichibahn Steering Wheel

    Ok, just went to www.nopi.com and found some steering wheel hub kits. Now my question is can someone go take a look at them and let me know if this is what I need. I'm guessing this is what is need. Thanks. Here's the link to the hub kits: http://www.nopionline.com/index.cfm?fuseac...eel%20Hub%20Kit Just copy and paste, sorry the link is a mile long.
  5. I finally got my Ichibahn Touring Steering wheel in the mail the other day. I finally got sometime to install it today. Anyway, after taking off the stock wheel on my 91 HB (Nut behind wheel emblem) I realized the Ichibahn wheel wasn't going to fit. After pulling the stock steering wheel off all that was on the column was the single threaded bolt that the stock wheel went over. After looking puzzled as the wife came out and said "Where's your steering wheel?" I came to the conclusion that even with the hardware that came with the Ichibahn wheel (wheel itself, adaptor, hardware, horn button, horn wiring) there's NO WAY I can install the wheel right now. My question is: Am I missing something here. I'm guessing I need to get some sort of adaptor or something. ANY INFO would help greatly. Oak Harbor Squid P.S. Going to take some pics of my car later today and post them.
  6. 91_ZC_Honda

    Where Are You From?

    Oak Harbor, WA (known as "The Rock") Best auto parts store in town is Wal-Mart =o) Closest auto parts store is 45 minutes away.
  7. As I've posted in other posts I'm running a ZC engine with a DC Sports header. The question I have is how do you know if you're car is running to rich or too lean? And how can you fix it? Maybe this has nothing to do with too rich or too lean but whenever I first start up my honda as soon as I press down on the gas it seems to want to stall. After a few minutes of warming up it seems fine. Also while driving when pushing down on the gas, not slightly, but more along the lines of picking up speed quickly I can hear a sort of whistling sort of. Kind of hard to explain the noise in words. ANYWAY, just wanted to know if any of these things has to do with running too rich or too lean. Oak Harbor Squid
  8. 91_ZC_Honda

    1991 Civic Hatchback W/zc Engine

    Just an update as to what I've recently ordered for my Honda. DC Sports Catback exhaust system Rear Upper Strut Bar (installed) Ichibahn Tour Series Steering Wheel (Black and Red) Ichibahn Pedals RActive Shift Boot RActive Shift Knob I'm hoping the Catback system will help out with alittle HP. Not sure what I'm going to do next performance wise. The next thing I definitely want to do 'Look' and 'Performance' wise is get rid of the chrome wheels I have on the car. Was leaning towards maybe some Axis Maglite rims. Any suggestions on wheels would be a help. Looking for some light weight rims as the chrome ones that were on the car when I bought it are definitely too heavy. Oak Harbor Squid
  9. 91_ZC_Honda

    4th Gen Hb Choptop?

    Found a pic a bit ago. Looks as though this 4th Gen HB was chopped. Is it me or are my eyes playing tricks on me? Here's the link: http://www.civic4g.com/img/civic/83003.jpg Oak Harbor Squid
  10. Since buying my 91 ZC HB I've been trying to decide about getting a catback exhaust system or not to. I've been looking toward the DC Sports system since I have a DC Sports header. Any info would help in me deciding on getting one or not to. Are they easy to install? What would need to be removed from my present exhaust system except the obvious of course (muffler, etc.) Oak Harbor Squid
  11. 91_ZC_Honda

    Zc Engines

    Ok found some more info on the ZC engine I have in my Honda HB. Here it is: Jap 16i-VTi 1.6L ZC 1590cc 4 cyl - 16 valve DOHC 130hp @ 6800 [7800] 5 spd Hope this helps. I just want some general info on this engine as in is it a decent engine, etc. Oak Harbor Squid
  12. 91_ZC_Honda

    Zc Engines

    I've surfed the net and found some info on them but not exactly what I was looking for. I have a 91 Civic HB with a ZC in it, but thats all I know about it. There's 2 cam gears (stock) on it that I'd like to replace with upgraded gears. Any info on ZC engines would be much appreciated. I'll try and take a pic of it in the next few days and posted it here. Oak Harbor Squid
  13. 91_ZC_Honda

    1991 Civic Hatchback W/zc Engine

    Thanks for the info. I was thinking about getting rid of the rims that were on the car, but I never thought about the rotational weight of them in that perspective. Should I be in the market for racing rims, or just light weight ones? As for a Nitro kit would I have to add/remove anything to install it? Also as a Navy guy with plenty of hands-on experience with tools (I work on EA-6B Prowlers) how indepth is the installation process? Thanks again for the info. I can use all the info I can get. Oak Harbor Squid
  14. 91_ZC_Honda

    1991 Civic Hatchback W/zc Engine

    Hello all, I recently bought a 1991 civic hatchback with a ZC engine. After surfing the net for a while I still haven't found what kind of ZC engine it is. It has 2 cam gears, and is a 4 cyl. Also I was wondering what kind of all around upgrades I can or should do to the car as a whole. Here's the list of things that have already been done to it: ZC engine (5 speed) DC Sports 4-2-1 header Air Intake Performance muffler w/ tip (not sure what kind) Front Strut Bar Short Shifter Adjustable Coilovers Lowered w/ Low pro tires and 3 spoke Ultima chrome wheels I recently ordered a rear upper strut bar, shift knob, and Type-R floor mats. I'm really not sure if I should go the cosmetic route or the performance route. I do want to get a catback exhaust system, tach, gauge pod with gauges, rear lower strut bar, performance cam gears, etc. But I'm new to the world of Honda upgrades. I've been in sport trucks for a few years, and its gotten old very fast. It seems there's a lot more you can do with a Honda so I went out and bought one. Any info would be great on the subject. Will be posting more as I get in the swing of Honda upgrade questions. Just wanted to post here to see what people thought I should do. Thanks in advance. The Navy Guy w/o any Honda experience

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