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timing story


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My crx has been in my garage for the past 1-2 weeks cause i was putting new carpet and fixing up the inside of it just so it will look a little better inside. Well, i finally get most of it done and i put everything back together. I clean the outside really damn good and i clean the rims so they looked badass on there.....anyways, so me and blaise are driving down the road just looking for babes and crap and BAM!! I hit this tiny ass bump in the road and i hear CLINK CLING CLINK CLANK CLONK..... and it loses power fast and it cuts off, i drift to the side of the road. Im like WTF! so i do what most people would do...i get out look under car. no oil, thats good...nothing missing, thats good, try to start it, wont start, thats not good. I pop the hood and it doesnt come open...i try again and nope, wont come open, blaise gives the little hood popper thing a try, and nope wont come open....so im like WTF again. I call a guy that knows his crap about hondas and hes there in like 30 minutes....as soon as he gets there, he pops the hood, comes right open and im like WTF once again. Well were all checkin it out and im like crapting my pants cause i dont have a job anymore and if something went bad then im screwed. which means no more crx/b16, no cruisin around, no chick magnet......well im looking at it and with my crossed fingers i feel the timeing belt.....its looser than bob sagets butthead!! So yea, they are like, yep, jumped timeing..no big deal. I start to smile and then i whipe my ass cause i crap all over it from being scared. They are supposed to come fix it up for me today and hopefully there is nothing wrong with it.....does anyone know if it would mess anything up?..they said its happend to them before.

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