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Family Guy


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ATHF is funny...at times...there are some episodes where I'm just like why? but most of it is pretty hilarious.


Love AdultSwim! Some Family Guy, Futurama, with some Robot Chicken. YUM!

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i love adult swim

i sometimes watch Harvey Birdman

that show can be funny at times

aqua team sometimes gets me bored..but sometimes i just sit thorough it


i love the little captions/emails that they show thorughout the commercials

they are so random

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watch the athf episode "dumber dolls" with happy time harry and jiggle billy, that has to be one of the best episodes.


commence the jigglin

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yesterday me and my friends got extremely high off some bomb ass hydro

and one of my boyz was doing the voice juist like MeatWad from hunger force

its was sooo frackin funny

i had to dig up the old thread and put it in

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