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Gettin close to gettin me car...


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Got Me Car, Coupla Pics.


Going back to get a few more bits n pieces done this weekend, as there wasnt time previous, also, for a retrim.








still, quite pleased with it so far.



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yo dude i have a soll that is exactly the same colour but not set up proper yet. nice rims mate, nice front bumper, and the lambo doors are off the chain. where did you get those, and where did you buy your brakes there phat need some engine bay pickies

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cheers peeps. Carib, i got the lambo doors from ingdom in the UK, however, they are the LSD style kit, which you can get from Canada. The brake, i got from DStuning, he had a set that he bought previously but never fitted, so, he sold them to me. AEM have now sold this product to Powerslot, so, thats where you an buy them from now, again, they are from over the pond in the USA. The wheels are Axe AP41's, 18", and dont rub, except when they bang into bumps. Asw for under the bonnet, there aint really much to see, rocker cover getting sprayed, and there is a Arospeed Front mounted CAI, thats all though.

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