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Beat a stang?


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waz up yall? Im new and need your help. I've got a pretty much stock '01 Civic that I got about 2 weeks ago. Its got 40k miles on it , and in pretty good shape. I tried a run with this biatch in a stang. I don't think it was a V8, cause I pretty much kept up with him till I hit 3rd gear. Then he pulled away real quick. So I need some suggestions to make this ride killer. And I definately wanna race him again with my ride tricked out.


Here's what I was thinking:

Race wing: I heard that if it's taller than your cockpit, you get much better starts cause it helps the engine make more HP, since its more resistant to the air.

Body Kit: Since I got a red car, I want the body kit to be :) laserred :) (favcolor) and spray some hairnet on there since the fiberglass will absorb the paint better, that way its stronger, and gives me more HP when I'm at high speeds since its not bending or flexing. (Not true is it, my girl said it help'd her)???

Carbon Fiber Hood: Since it lets heat exchange better, i'b prob get about 25 or so HP since the engines colder.

Exhaust: Im tired of all the bitches saying the hate that coffee can muffler, but screw them, the wider the better. Any suggestions for it? need the widest, so I can get louder than a V6, maybe a V8 later on.


Alright, this is jsut wat ive heard from all my friends so don't flame me for it. :) and if you think i could use anything else let me know. I got about 3k to work with.


Any of yall live in k-town, TN? mayb we could race when im finished with mods

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Dude wtf? are you another one of those flamers? Ill see what these guys think , get my mods and kick ur azz all the way back to japan.


Also, jsut cause I work at Taco Bell, and cant afford a V8, doesnt mean u need to always rub it in my face that you can beat me stock. Ill spend 3k, and then ull see US cars suck at racing.

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Whoa, wings give HP? Ima go get one now!!!


A Body kit does too?


Man, if I would have known that when I as getting my engine swapped, my I/H/E/P/CG's Clutch, lightened flywheel and lightweight rims in dunlop GT Qualifiers, i could have saved so much more money...dont I feel stupid now...

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