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91 Hatchback Wheel Specs

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I'm in the market to get rid of the chrome wheels that were on my 91 HB when I bought it but I'm not sure of the offset. Its a 4 lug pattern just not sure of the offset. Also anyone have suggestions for a new type of wheel? I was looking at the Maglite Axis (hyperblack) because in my town no one has black rims. White rims are OUT OF THE QUESTION. I think they're terribly ugly. Anyway, and suggestions on black rims would be cool. Also any websites with tire / wheel combos would be great also.

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The stock offset is 45mm i think. 40-45 mm is ok. some wheels are 35-38 mm offset which can cause problems with wide tires and big rims. I run the 43mm SSR on my 89 Civic hatch. check it out at http://www.soloracer.com/cshenefield.html


email me privately if you have any question because I don't check this board often.





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