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99 accord keep shutting off


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[SIZE=14]hey everyone,

i have a 99 accord ex, 4dr, 4cyl, this car shuts off on me doesnt matter how fast its going or how slow. Sometimes it doesn't shutt off for a week and sometimes it shuts off like 5 times a day while im driving. After 3 or 4 times it starts rite back but no one seems to know whats really wrong with it. I took it to a dealer for diagnose check up they said there is no code showing and they need to see when it shuts off. I have about 105,000 mileage on my car, and willing to keep it. Can someone please help me out here its really driving me nuts[/size]

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happens to me all the time in my 97, i dont know.. i checked the battery posts and i saw corrosion on the terminals so i poured soda on them wiped it off, and put a lil oil around the terminals and it started up and i havent had the problem for 3 weeks now.

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