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Del Sol sidemarker wiring???


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My friend is going to be getting sidemarkers for his del sol and he wants to know which way he should wire them up? He got this from ClubSi:


There are two wiring options. USDM (Sidemarker only blinks when turn signal is on) or JDM (Sidemarkers stay on and blink alternately with the signal). Pull back the fender liner and remove the corner/parking light. There will be 3 wires going to the bulb. Tap into the corresponding wires for each blinking style.



Tap into green(turn signal) and black(ground) wire.


Tap into red(parking light) and green(turn signal) wire.


Is the JDM way rice?


Post your opinions.


EDIT: They will be going on this Del Sol:


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depends on how you want it (or your friend, or whoever's car it is)... my old sidemarkers, i had set to the parking lights and the turn signals. when the new ones are wired up, i'm only going to set them to the turn signals.

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