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Washed and Waxed


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Friend helped me do the 5 stop processes over the weekend


washed twice


applied undercoat wax

applied polish

applied final sealant coat









but being a black car, it's already dirty :(

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Thats cool...


Thanks for the tip...:thumbsup:



no problem, since i had my buddy help we got the whole thing done in under 4 hours..


remember to wash the car twice... like you do one side, someone else will do the other side, then switch sides, hand drying hte car after each wash.


then pull the car into a garage or shade and then apply the cleaner coat.. let it dry then wipe it off. apply the polish.. wipe off. then finally the clear coat...


looked really stunning for ~12 year old car.. only bummer is that it's already dirty from nasty water being sprayed up on it from cars :(


good thing is that all i need to do is get it wet and hand wipe it down with a towel and it's brand new again.:thumbsup:


that wax is like a shield

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