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Heya All,


Just setting off down the road with a 'sol, and browsing forums on the internet, trying to learn a thing or 2. Found a load of forums, just subscribed to 2 tho, seems that most knowledge is in these 2 place.


Trying to find a specific piece for my 'Sol at the minute. I have seen SOMEWHERE on the net, you can get a blanking piece, whice you can fit where your aeriel/antenna is on at the moment, so, you can remove it, and just pop this piece in its place. But I can find them.


I have had the suggestions that, maybe, as it is away being modified slightly at the minute, that I should just get them to cut it out, and blank it over permanantly. however, I do want the option, should I even need to, of replacing the aerial/antenna, which I could do with this piece, but not with a permanent repair.


Was wondering if perhaps, any of you guys n gals had seen them recently, or knew what I was on about and could point me in the right direction


Cheers in advance,



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