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Eibach Sportline Springs


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If that's the line offering a 2" drop, don't bother with it. My dad just picked up a 2000 civic ex as a daily driver, it had eibach's with a 2" drop and his wheels rub and squeak through even the lightest turns. However, eibach is a trustworthy brand as long as you stick with 1/2" and 1" drop springs. Then again, damn near every spring does the same thing and is made of primarily the same materials. My 97 ex is at stock height on 16"s and it takes corners rather smoothly.


In my opinion I think you should leave it alone and put the money elsewhere, dropping you're civic isn't gonna improve the looks too much and it handles fine without specialty springs. But then again, I'm in no position to tell you what to do.

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