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Im bored


Tonight I went to eat at home run inn with 17 other people and got a bill for $250, it was nuts


Then I drove my friend's 01 V6 Mustang, and I must say, it really wasn't as bad as I always thought it was. Sure they could be a lot faster, but for what it is, it's a pretty badass car. After that I did a humongus burnout in a parking lot, smoke everywhuuuuuure.


Then I went to her house and took pictures of her brother's new 05 mustang, ahhh its so nice




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Each person got the "pizza feast" which consisted of 3 huge ass salads, 3 plates of appetizers, and 3 14" pizzas. We had 2 trash compactor size bags of leftovers.:pirate:

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my sister has an '02 mustang and I was able to beat it to 80 when my old civic was stock(106 hp) when I had it... I hate that car, hate driving it because the gears hold their rpm's when you shift and it just feels like someone put a v6 in an oversized brick... a;lfdnb;jkabntjkwrb that car bugs me btw

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