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I got pics 94 integra gsr 4 door


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Haha, you sound as excited as me when I first got my teg. IMHO, Integras look good already. If you're gonna get a body kit, I had the R33 Skyline kit on mine after my car got stolen (bastards stole my CF hood, my deck, and ITR front lip, among other things...). The body kit made it way too low for driving in the city, so I ended up taking it off again. GSR blades are nice too. It's what I currently have on mine. Check out some pictures of what I did if you want.


My Integra Pictures

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they didn't take the engine....or the seats.....what a bounch of clowns

GSR's around here are mainly stolen for the engine and leathers and the rims

dudes must of beeen stupid


I know. Bunch of f*@%tards. The cops told me they "stripped it" so I was expecting pretty much cinder blocks and a chassis left. Luckily they didn't take the seats or the rims and the engine was still complete. Still, I had to spend over $1,000 already, just to get it close to how I had it before, and I'm still not done yet (only had liability too, so I'm paying everything out of my pocket). So getting a car stolen is still a pain in the ass.


Word of advice scottywayne25: invest in some kind of anti-theft like an autolock first before you spend a lot of your hard-earned money on your Integra. A Lojack system (or similar) would be nice too if you're really going to go all out on your car. I learned this the hard way. After my Integra got stolen, and after one of my boys' RSX-S w/ pager alarm got stolen, and my other boys' 91 Integra got stolen also, I don't put much faith in alarm systems anymore. Seems like Integras are hot items, so it would just be wise to protect your ish.

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oh trust me. ive got it.lol i got a viper alarm that has the fuel cut off and motion sensors and all that cool crap.lol yea i would love to have the blades but i think im goin to go with 16" rota slipstreams. and i plan to either get the jdm conversion.. which im not sure if it would look good on a 4 door or not.. or im gonna get a c/f hood, trunk, and lip. im also plannin on an hks ball bearing turbo, vfac, skunk2 cams, and a few other lil crap by june 1st.. i lvoe my car.. yea ive had it for about 4 or 5 months and i just cant get enought of it.. well except the gas mileage cuz it sucks..lol i get around 200 to a tank before i fill it up.. anyways.. thanks for the comments. im really glad noone dogged it.

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