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just bought one of these:

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That one isnt the one I bought. But it's pretty clean. No dents, interior is in great shape, a/c works, radio works, everything is legit, it passed smog no problem, but here's the best part:


I payed 200. really. The moron said that the trans was broke. I took it home and filled it with fluid.


I'm now doing doughnuts in my RWD Celica!!!!!!!!!!




This car is really fun. It's not really fast, but it's got some pep. Had it up to 115 on the highway, no prob. I love old-school sport compacts, so I'm gonna hook this thing up. Nothing crazy, just like a sidedraft weber, exaust mani, just have fun with it.


And it does good doughnuts. :)

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