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Anyone have a trailer hitch on their Civic?


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Based on the responses you've gotten, I may be the only one with a trailer hitch on my Civic...or at least the only one who'll admit it.


I have a '97 Civic EX Coupe with a Draw-Tite hitch on it. When I bought mine, they made 2 different models. One required you to cut the rear fascia, and one didn't. I chose the one that didn't require me to cut the rear fascia, it fits well, and installed easily. In retrospect, I probably would have gotten the one that required the cut, as I think it probably sits higher off the ground. The one I have it a little to low, and can scrape on inclines, and that's with stock suspension.


I got mine to carry a bike rack, because the strap-on carriers I saw required you to remove the carrier to access the trunk. I also thought about towing a small motorcycle trailer, but the wiring seemed like a pain, so I never have done that.


Hope that helps.

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