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XM and the stock audio system


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I am moving my XM rec from my old vehicle to the civic. The truck did not have a tape player and I was using the built-in FM mod. and the sound wasn't too good. This car has a cassette which sounds better but is a PITA. I see that the radio has CD changer controls so I am guessing that there is some aux. input but it also has a factory single CD player added. Would this single use the aux. input that was for the changer or can I somhow connect my XM to the aux?


Also, I have a MP3/WMA head unit from the truck that I am considering installing. I know crutchfield has surrounds to fill the gaps around the factory radio hole but how do they look when installed? This would nullify my original question.


The ultimate solution would be to sell this MP3 player and get one with an XM tuner built-in. But, I ain't made of money!

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