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Need help with Dizzys


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Ok. I am in the process of swaping out the 90 Ex motor. I am putting in a ZC motor, I have the ZC dizzy. But the cap is cracked. I need to replace it. What cap will work?


I have tried the 88-89 1.6 Integra dizzy. It doesnt line up.


Thanks in adavance.



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the cap from a D16Z6 should work.

The dizzy we were sold was a b18 obd-1. The Crankshaft position sensor is required to be on the dizzy shaft. And on this one,b18, it isnt on there. With this dizzy, it was throwing a Code 8, Crankshaft position sensor.


We made some brackets for the stock Ex one. It works like a charm.


Now to get the ZC ecu. Anyone have one?


Thanks Bigbird. We were sold was not a ZC one. We were lied to, and we have contacted the correct people on the forum we bought it from. Thanks alot man.

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