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if u think u know sumthing about engine swap


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ok, i have a GSR with everything on it and everything works fine, i got it real cheap and i want to put the engine in a 92-95 hatch. What all will i need besides what i already have in the GSR? I havent done a engine swap yet but im gonna get some help but people keep telling me that i need and dont need certain things. So if you really know something i need like motor mounts or wirehireness thing tell me. dont just read this and not answer if you really know something. thanks.

(the GSR is a 1994 if that makes any difference)

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Well I got the GSR like 5 days ago, and I like it and all but its a 4 door and i think that if I put it in something lighter it will be alot faster and thats what i want. I was gonna put it in my LS but i dont know. I want to put it in a hatch so if anyone can help me out and tell me what i need it would be very helpful. Whoever just wrote that I should have all I need, are you sure that i dont need some wire hireness thing, alot of people tell me that so i dont know. thanks

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