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Blew the motor on my em1 WTF?


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Yeah so I was Driving back from Drift Avenues BBQ on the on the toll way in my stock 99’ Honda civic si with 61,000 miles on it. I bought it from a dealer on 12/28/04 with a 3 month/3000 mile warranty so I’m only 12 days over due. But anyways I was driving and down shifted to get in front of my friend and then I don’t know what happened, something was fracked up so I pushed in the clutch and put it back in 5th (I was thinking that I put it into 2nd instead of 4th) and then when to let the clutch out and there was no pressure, so the peddle didn’t come back out all the way, and then I looked back and the whole road was filled with smoke, a lot of fracken white smoke.


So I pull off to the side of the road and pop the hood the was a little bit of oil (maybe clutch fluid) sitting on the valve cover. Took off the oil cap and white smoke came out. When to try and start it and it didn’t turn over I don’t even thing the starter clicked. (maybe because the clutch wasn’t getting pushed in). yeah so its still sitting on I-294 and I’m getting it towed tomorrow. But it only has 61,xxx miles on it and this shouldn’t happen. But if you guys have any ideas on what happened or what I should do because I have no idea what I should do, please let me know. All comments will be appreciated.


Thanks, Dallas

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