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Question about bulb wattage


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My friend needs new bulbs for his Del Sol and he is interested in These bulbs. Someone on another forum said I would have problems since the wattage is higher?

As far as the bulbs in question:

Thoes bulbs are rated at a much higher wattage than your wireing harness will allow. You'r car's harness is only designed for a 12volt 60/55watt bulb. Go too much higher in the wattage scale, and your liable to start a fire, or a wire meltdown. You can get an upgraded harness though. Read the package carefully though. It has a rating too. This can cure most of thoes problems. The issues tend to occour at the socket. By replacing that socket with an upgraded harness, you can avoid most of the danger. There is always the chance of melting to occour. But you'll be safer than if you don't change it. I've seen the harnesses at places like AutoZone, and some speed shops. I know PIAA also Makes one. But if I were you I wouldn't go that high with the wattage. I'd keep it to about 110 to 115.


When you change the wattage:

The light is designed to opperate at 12volts, with a draw of 60/55 watts.

when you require a higher wattage, you are requireing more heat. You do use more energy, and could also create a higher draw for voltage too.



Is that true?

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which bulbs? aperantly i dont see a link or a image o.O? Does any one else? And shouldnt this be in the Del Sol Section?

These bulbs: http://store.yahoo.com/yhst-1408381693991/pisuplgtxh4j.html and about it being in the Del Sol forum, I am used to other forums where the forum is a Civic/Del Sol forum.


He really wants them but is worried about melting the harness.

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why do you make 2 threads about every f*cking subject. its the same damn question stated 2 different ways. NOBODY f*cking CARES!!!! get a life.

WOW! Man i soo wonder what your eyes look like behind those Shades, ahahah probably Bulging and twisted



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pretty good... nice reply, sexyH22 is a postwhore anyways.. hahaha


serious.. who gives a fawk about some damn lightbulbs anyway? Mine like, light up the road in front of me and stuff, that's good enough 4 me.


But I'm just a stupid postwhore, what do I know?

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