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Civic Project Car Help

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Hey everyone I'm new to the Honda scene and my friend and I have decided to make a civic project car. Hopefully with at least 10 grand to put into it including engine, suspension, brakes and everything else. I'm a BMW guy and my friend is a Honda guy and I decided to go half with him since I would like to see how this turns out. We plan on stripping the whole interior so we have just two racing seats a roll cage and nothing else. Atleast thats the plan now... I have no clue about engines and Hondas except that with a little time and effort they can be fun to drive.


We are still in the planning phase but I needed some advice/suggestions on what motor to work on. We were planning on using a b20 and trying to tune it to the max and then throw in a turbo with a 5-6 grand budget... Will a b20 work in a 92 Civic hatch? Is there a better engine that would be more suitable? Do I have any clue what to what I am saying? More or less we are just trying to have some fun and create one little safe fast car.


But to not get too ahead of oursleves the engine question is great to start, considering we are looking to build the engine first then purchasing a hatch when it is complete to install and everything. So any advice/suggestions on which engine is a good base to start off of and what kind of mods are most important to take care of first so that we can hopefully run at around 20 psi? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks a lot.

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+1 for "safe, fast, little car"


Get at SSR, he builds Honda motors


As far as the B20 goes, thats a damn good choice, just make sure you throw a VTEC head on it, do a search, there's tons of threads about building a hybrid motor. Hasport makes the mounts so you can just bolt it right in. Regardless of what make a car is, the applications are pretty much standard across the board for a motor running alot of boost: Fully built bottom end (forged crank, rods, pistons), lower compression pistons, good head studs, some headwork, upgraded fuel system/engine management, nothing thats really too different from a built BMW motor, they actually share alot of similarities, especially the M3 motor.


With a Honda, good engine management and proper tuning seperate the boys from the men, I recommend Hondata, and some dyno sessions.


Hope thats a good start, give us some updates on your project as it goes

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Thanks for the advice! We plan on fully documenting the project with pictures right up to final outcome. We were doing some research and we saw a couple cars running at around 20 psi using a b20 so we made our engine choice... As of now, since we are still in the planning phase, we are also looking up cams and pistons and such also wondering if we should go for stock internals or try to get our hands on some good ones... But thanks for the help and once everything gets more out of the planning phase and into the development stage, you'll be hearing a lot from me and prob more questions.. Thanks again for the help, and I'll be back with updates on our choices to see if we are running on the right route.


Another question: we were considering running it off of alchohol would it be possible? smart idea? are we retarded? It was brought up today so we were just wondering. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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B20 + mild boost = boom.


If you want to know about the engine and prices, email me at whoopeedooracing@aol.com


It sounds like you aren't very experienced so I would suggest not building the engine yourself. It is a lot harder than picking parts and putting it together.


10 grand will get your engine built and thats about it.


If this is a street car, then it will not be safe if it has a cage.

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You're right, we are not that experienced but I do have good mechanic friends who helped build my brothers M3 which had around 600 hp to the wheels. Our budget is around 10 for the whole project considering its our own money with no sponsors or the help of our parents, and if this one is a success we plan on working on other projects in the future maybe something crazy like a AE86 with a S2000 engine or something like that....so we're not expecting a 10 second hatch with our budget but atleast something that moves.


Of course as I mentioned before we are still in the planning phase. If a cage is not safe for a street car then we atleast have to go with a roll bar because a friend of ours had a hatch and flipped on the highway at 130 mph and would have died if he was wearing a seat belt, so my major concern is safety..I've seen 10 second hatchbacks with stock brakes and I am just amazed because they must be one hell of a driver in order to pull an emergency stop...But I will keep your e-mail so as soon as we are ready to get cracking on this engine I'll let you know.

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a 10 sec hatch w/no cage, stock brakes??? dude, you have my utmost respect... Any REAL racer will tell you, safety is #1.. I race in IDRC as well as NHRA, anything in the 12's or better REQUIRES a cage, they'll boot you off the track and send you back to the brackets if you're not reppin' right....


On the serious side... sleeve your block, check out Darton. You MIGHT be able to get by with a stock crank, if you shot-peen it and knife edge it, but I'd go aftermarket. Upgraded bearings, journals, all that crap. Of course forged rods w/ARP bolts, and forged pistons, check out Arias. Total Seal rings. Like I said above, alot of things are standard across the board no matter what kind of motor you build. Headwork, fuel and engine management are key, and of course proper tuning. For cams, check out all the classics, like Crane, etc., but I run Skunk2, that's the ish, IMO. I don't know where you live, but if you're anywhere near SoCal, check Portflow for headwork. If you're rich, look up Extrude Hone. I think I said Hondata already, they have every kind of option you could want for an ECU. You will need an upgraded drivetrain, this is FWD, so aftermarket axles and clutch, etc, are a must. Dude, I could go on and on, I'm just trying to give you some names to drop in your search engine, hahahaha.


BTW, thats funny you mentioned a Celica w/a S2000 motor. Check out http://www.classiccelicas.com

Theres a guy on there who just did that. (I have a '78 Celica GT, check out my projects thread there.. hahaha)


Like SSR said, there's alot more to it than just picking up the parts and slapping it together, get at an experienced engine builder before you start getting crazy.


Again, good luck, I'm always down to help out a real racer, as long as you dont put any rice on your car, you're okay w/me.



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Great, you guys really are a big help other boards tell me I'm just a rice fanboy even though I told them this is my first experience with Hondas...I live in NY and there is a couple of shops around me that deal with turbo european cars like BMW's, Porsche's and such so as of now along with cheacking out all the parts you told us about, we are searching around for a rough estimate on labor. If anything I can call in a favor from one of the mechanics I know if all estimates are kinda high.


I'll be sure to update with prices and any other questions we might have.

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1. Safe + 130 on the street don't match. If this car is going to be used to street race or drive stupid like that, you aren't getting anymore help from me.


2. Cage on the street and wrecking = possibility of smacking your head and dying instantly, it has happened a lot more than you think.


3. Roll bar is ok but DO NOT wear a harness on the street. If the roof collapses your neck will be broken. Seat belts are designed to let you be pushed down towards the center of the car.


4. Most drag car downgrade their brakes and they stop fine.


5. I am a dealer for AEBS. Best sleeving there is, period.


6. Use a stock crank and do not do ANYTHING to it. No need to waste money on a aftermarket crank.


7. CP Pistons.


8. Total Seal rings.... I won't even say anything.


9. Rocket Motorsports M21 cams for turbo.


10. RLZ headwork. 8 years as Roush's NASCAR head porter.


11. Stock axles will work. Since you're new, I don't think you'll catch a good enough launch to break one. If you do, Advanced/Autozone, etc axles have a lifetime warranty.


12. <--- Experienced engine builder.


13. Email me with a proposal for a sponsorship (what you'll do for my shop, etc). No freebies, you have to pay to play, but I'll cut you some good deals if I like your proposal.

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I will defer all engine building advice to SSR from now on.. :D


....but: stock axles on a boosted B20? I used to break axles all the time, but maybe thats cause I'm running an H22???


sorry to detract from the original thread topic

carry on :)

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Hey, I thought I would update you on our situation for some ideas/help....


We bought a '94 Ex with a b16 SiR 2 jspec engine with a type-r manifold and aem intake and gsr transmission...problem is we are missing a head...as of now we are opting for the Type-r head but I plan on doing some more research into which head will be best..any suggestions? The car is clean. The interior alone was worth the money spent..which in total was less than 1,000 dollars. As of now we are looking for suspension and a head... responses/suggestions would be appreciated!


EDIT: forgot to mention that it is SiR 2 not SiR

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