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its made in scarborough..and it makes about 140hp.and passes emissions better then a new car.. its awsome..you should look into it...ill get the number for you..in a few days ok man ttyl


I'M new in the forum and i have honda hachback 1993 and in sunday i'm going to put in it ZC engine ! you have a mistake here.....it's not 140hp it's 130hp but it's not the issue here ! it's more reliable and you can make more "juice" out of it !








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nice hatch. not to be an butthead, but I think your front driverside tire is mounted backwards.

LOL ! I know ! ! :D


it's an old pic ! i'v fixed it...












I am from israel so forgive me if my english sucksssss ! ! bleh

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People buying the "cheap d's" and blowing them up is causing the price to rise. $750 for a Z6 at local yards.

they said 750 for a ZC. zc's are generally 400-500. but around here, z6's go for a lot less than 750 also.

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