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Civic gauge question???


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I messed up my gas/temp gauge when I was taking my indiglo gauges off. I ordered a new one and recieved it today. I was wondering how I install it.


Here is a pic of the gauge I got:



Here is the back of it: 0331051440a.jpg

What do put in the holes?


Here is a pic of someone elses gauge cluster: 6bulbsbehindcluster.jpg


Would it be the srews on the left that I unscrew? Mine does not have the plastic cover, I think that has it because it is for an automatic.

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its all about the angled guages. do you think if i get the angled guages for they will fit no problem? i really want the angled guages because i'm a ######. do you think it will fit?

fawk you. I decided not to get a new exhust since it would be a waste of money. I already have a Greddy EVO 2.

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awww...but the greddy evo 2 isn't angled. wtf if wrong with you? you're not cool because you dont have an angled exhaust and you can't be in my bad ass car club called the angled whips.



fawk you, This crap is getting old. Why dont you stop being immature?

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