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CRX Good or Bad?


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My friend has a 89 CRX with a B16 engine swap, lowered, integra 5 star rims, has racing clutch. It needs an axle in the front, and back brakes. We were driving it the other day and it ran fine and was fast as hell. The body is ok it will need paint to look good. He is asking 3500 for it but i talked him down to 1500. Should i buy this even though it needs this stuff and i know that for the month that he has had it, he dogged the hell out of it? I have a acura integra and it wouldnt stand a chance against this...i really like it but i know nothing about CRX's.....should i buy it?

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I think you should go for it! the engine alone will cost you about the same price!


Thats a Great deal!


If I would know that guy that is selling it I would steal that buy from you! :laugh:

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