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I should know this but I'm having a brain lapse...


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I just checked out what was supposed to be a '97 sol S. There was something odd about the engine bay.... but I'm COMPLETELY unfamiliar with the '97 S models.... This could be totally normal, but I'm going to ask someone who may have seen this before.


(1) the throttle body+intake manifold was verticle and not horizontal (like on my other sols). When I say "verticle" I mean the short-ram intake ran across the bay and then went straight DOWN into the throttle body that was totally hidden down in the engine bay. It was almost like in was a carburator... wtf? is this normal, something JDM, bastardized, or custom?


(2) the plug wires on an S model are typically on the back half of the engine's valve cover.... these were on the front half. This is typical for an Si (SOHC VTEC), but this is supposed to be an S. Again, am I missing something?


The block has the code D16Y7, but I'm wondering if someone stuck an SOHC VTEC (like a D16Y8) head onto a non-VTEC block and did something totally strange to the throttle body to make it go up/down instead of the normal horizontal style.


I've already owned 3 'sols before ( a '94 S, a '97 Si, and a '97 Si that was swapped to a GSR. The first one got traded for the Si, the Si blew the engine, and the GSR got totalled on a downhill mountain run - GSR's put a "little" too much weight on the front end....) so I should REALLY know this and I feel like a jackass for asking....


The car was also an automatic (yeah, a little bit of a down side) however I was REALLY suprised at the pickup! I put my foot down and that little bugger had ZOOM to it! Additionally, it had a very professionally installed Invader VIS fiberglass complete body kit and a PERFECT paintjob (not a ding ANYWHERE!). It looked sharp as a tack. It also has 15" late model Civic Si rims (195/55/15 tires - brand new) and a custom catback. The stereo bangs like King Kong on an acid trip b/c of the 1,000 watt amp + some custom trunk mounted subwoofers. I like this little car and was really impressed. He said it had 140hp, but I think he's a little confused if it's REALLY an S (it should have 106hp....) at any rate, I'm thinking "turbo" w00t


Any suggestions, comments, etc... are welcome. What the heck am I looking at? (engine wise). I'll probably buy it, but I want to know for sure WHAT this really is! Let me know ASAP as I'll be buying it within the next 5 to 7 days.

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Honda stoped making d15's in 95 i believe all the would be d15b7's became d16y7's the spark plugs are at the bottom but it is not a vtec. As far as the intake manifold i dont really know the reasoning for it being on the top i dont like it i would just change it. You could just change the head to a vtec head i have a z6 head with intake manifold. I was gonna do a mini me but now im just gonna swap it out.

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