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99 Civic Mirrors???


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lol, so this is your car (i asked in your lip post) i think it would look nice with some small F1 carbon mirrors.

My friend had those on his Del Sol and they were hard to see crap. I want spoon style or JDM folding mirrors.

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dam, that sucks i was about to get some... i like all spoon crap so if it were me i would go with that :thumbsup:

(they're usually cheaper as well)

Should I get normal or CF ones? They place I am going to purchase from are sold out of the CF ones at the moment.

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hmmmmmm...if your hood is carbon then you kno what you got to do.

gonna be more $$$$ tho, but looks soooo nice...>_<


Add: check ebay b4 you buy thoes ones, i kno for a fact there are hundreds of thoes

mirrors there (carbon or not) for less and NEW in the box still.

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