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88-91 Civic Center Console


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Hmm I just bought a 1990 Civic HB...zippy little car. I just hate the way the center console doesnt mould into the floorboard though. It seems as if the shifter is just sitting there by itself. Ive seen a few pics on the net where people seem to have put in a custom console of some sort like this one:




So I just wanted to know if any of you could tell me where to order one like that from the net. do you have any good mod sites you could link me to? any piece of info would help. Thanks a lot.


PS - this is my first honda :blush:

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you won't be able to buy the "kit" or anything online. it's the civic hatch dash and console, and it looks like it has a 94+ integra center and armrest cut to fit.

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