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2005 Accord to buy or not to buy????


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Hi all, can anyone help me with my problem? I am a proud Honda owner but to date have never owned an Accord. I am seriously considering trading my 2002 CRV on a new 2005 Accord am I doing the right thing????? I no longer need the AWD capabilites of the CRV so am leaning towards getting the Accord. I live in Australia and the model I am considering purchasing is known as the VTi Accord here and I think it is similar to the LX model in the US. It comes with the same engine as the CRV a 2.4ltr and from my research they are made in Malaysia. ( we have 2 model Accords here the Accord EURO and the VTi Model completely different in shape and price. Any help at all in the way of reliability, ride and any known problems would be very much appreciated.


Cheers :crazy:

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