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how much can i boost??


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I have two honda civics, one with a gsr engine and one with a d16y8. I drive my sohc to school and work and i'm looking to install a zex nitrous system on it. It has all stock internals right now, and i'm just wondering which jet I should use. I'm buying a wet kit, and it has 75, 100, and 125 jets. Would it be "safe to use the 75 or should I use something smaller? Please help!!

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now i know why ppl say sorry b4 posting



this is what ddrew have posted earlier


"Yes, we are not here to bash people or make them look like idiots because they are new to cars or what not...

Why we are hear is to educate ourselves about our own cars and cars we wish we had, mainly Honda's and Acura's.

Out of my own generosity, time and money, I have setup these forums as a resource for Honda/Acura enthusiasts to educate themselves by asking questions as well as teaching others.

I would appreciate it if everyone on this site would take some consideration when posting a response to watch what he or she says. This site is not about what's better, Civic's or Mustangs, but about how to improve upon our own cars to better their performance, looks, sound systems and value.

I am not targeting any specific people out on this site and I will be posting further rules for the forums shortly. Please do not force myself or the other moderators to have to start using our powers to delete or edit posts. We are all here to have fun and learn.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please just have a little respect... "

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what ddrew said doesn't matter, he hasn't posted anything in over a year....probably a lot longer than anybody really thinks.


why do you want nitrous on a stock d16y8? whats the point? you're not racing people with the d16 if you have a civic w/gsr swap. i'm sorry, but i'm going with ssr on this one. i call bs.

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