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Nissan Sport Concept

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Looks like Nissan has it's eyes on Scion...


According to Automotivenews.com this concept is aimed straight at the Scion tC and will be on view over at the New York autoshow. It made it's debut at a Nissan design studio opening in Michigan.







Interesting. Kind of euro design, but I really like it for some reason. It's a better Euro design than the current Si is...and I prolly go after this thing than the concept Si (if I was in the market for a sport compact)


BTW...take a close look at that interior...Nissan's return to turbo?


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the headrests look uncomfortable as crap. and the 4 point harnesses are overkill. mirrors are ugly. first thing i noticed was the boost guage. other than that i give it a big THUMBSDOWN :glare:

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