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Rust in tank?


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my crx stopped running outta the blue one day. It would start and idle but when i went to give it gas it would just die. i changed the fuel filters and drained the gas. the gas didnt look very good. i think that there is rust in the tank. it seems to run ok now... has anyone else expirienced problems like this?

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i can help you out on this one.



back in the day when i had my d15 in my sol, i had a bad tank of gas just like you did. there was crap in my tank, just like you suspect.


when you changed the fuel filter, did you dump it out to see if anything was in there? if there is, you have crap in ur tank. get your gas tank dropped out and bring it to get cleaned out. after that is done, your going to need id say 4 fuel filters. For every 3 tanks of gas, you need to replace the filter. DO not let your tank go below 1/4. after like the 4th time changing your filter there shouldnt be any crap left in the filter. once its all gone, your good to go.



just make sure you dont run below 1/4 of a tank and run on high octane gas. 93 i suggest.

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