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Trying to fix and sell, need help.


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1994 Honda Accord EX

160+k mi.


im 17, and i know very little about cars, but i do know my car is obnoxiously loud, and the check engine light is on.


so i've read, the ecm is under the floorboard carpet in the passengers side. well, i pulled it up as far as it would possibly go, and i found a metal screwed on plate thing, which it may very well be under, but i don't wanna unscrew/bolt this plate if it's not under there, so for now, i have NO idea why mu check engine light is on, and i'd love to know.


shortly after I got the car, the muffler tips fell off of my...muffler. so now my muffler is bassically two rusted falling apart metal tubes, and my car is REALLY loud. which may be fixed by getting new cover/tips but yeah, maybe not. my car also rattles a lot. a) the sunroof cover, b) back right window, c) random rattling in the back end of my car, but it stops any time i turn to the left. the slightest turn to the left makes it stop. i don't understand. but im trying to sell it and fix it up nice enough for sell for 2500-3000 dollars to buy a 94 prelude, but i want to fix what's causing the check engine light to come on, and fix the rattling noises.



any help is appreciated.

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