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Hi, newb intro


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Hi Honda enthuisasts, new guy here. I live in SoCal and I need to get a car soon, I'm currently driving the family Pathfinder because my Dodge broke. I wtb an EK :) , or mabey EG.


Newb ??? Can someone please direct me to where I can find the differences between models and specs + differences for EKs and EGs? I saw somthing like that in the Del Sol area but can't find it for the Civic. I was just wondering which model I'd like more and decided to do a little research before I start calling people.


Thanks all :thumbsup:

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I'm pretty sure all SI EG's have the sunroof.


Why dont you want the sunroof? weight savings? unless you're gonna build a track terror or whatevs, the weight diff is negligable. You wont even feel much after an intake/exaust thing, thats usually the first mod people do, right? Save your dough, spend it on building your motor, imo, depends on you though.


Good luck, I love my EG hatch, I'll never sell it

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Why dont you want the sunroof?


Weight isn't that big an issur for me. imo I just don't like them, the area can rust :sad: and they break, and I dont want to deal with the repair costs on an older car. I dealt with to many repair bills when my Dodge died, one right after another. I want a civic because I need a reliable daily driver I can have some fun with later, and not have to worry about major repairs before I do a swap. I'm sitll considering an eg though, because they're more afordable, but I still prefer the ek.


I was wondering if the si egs tend to have problems w/ their sunroofs?

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