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problems restarting car


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Hi everyone, im new to the forums, just recently picked up a 93 del sol si...automatic though (couldnt pass on the price). The car drives great however theres 1 problem that i cant figure out: when you start the car it starts fine, but if you turn off the engine and in a short period of time turn it back on, sometimes the car will turn on, but half a sec later it chokes and dies. Only happens sometimes but it sucks when your at a gas station and theres people waiting for you to get outta there. I usually let it sit for like a min, then i give it some gas when i start it up, revv it a lil until its ok at idle then take off. Any suggestions? Fuel system cleaner didnt do anyting. Maybe new fuel filter?

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Hey girl, recently had this prob with my 93 Si of 5 years. Problem is common, its the main relay. If you don't want to pay a lot, get someone to easily solder back together the connections. Here are the instructions: www.markl.f9.co.uk/howto/electrical/main-relay/main-relay.htm


I'm getting mine done tommorrow, it won't start at all right now! Hope this helps.



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