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Does anyone know if the backbox off a 92-95 civic (or other year) will fit the sol?

I've been looking for a new one as mine's on its way out & am having trouble finding a proper sol one.

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backbox? what the fawk are you talking about?

Backbox = Muffler , jus different names over distance


Like you lot call an Exhaust Manifold a "Header"


Answerin the bloke , I wouldnt bother just getting a replacement backbox bud , get a full CAT back instead. "Powerflop" (powerflow) would be the cheapest but probably the worst. GReddy , Tanabe , Spoon , Skunk2 etc all the usual tuning companys make CAT backs for the EG2.


funky product stock most of them , not the cheapest of places though.

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