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Bluetooth and Verizon


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Hey guys,


Sorry to intrude (I have a maxima), but one of the top questions i've seen in verizon-related forums comes from acura TL owners looking for bluetooth phones.


Just wanted to let you know that there is ANOTHER option (to the Motorola V710). The sony ericsson T608. These are very rare, but if you want more information feel free to e-mail or PM me here. I'll be glad to fill you in (and I even have a few to sell.)



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There's a way to unlock these phones from sprint and activating them on verizon. It can get a little tricky, but I did most of the research when activating my own t608. At the time I hung around some cell phone forums to gather some info. While there, I noticed that there were a lot of acura owners asking questions about bluetooth phones for verizon.. (and I read a few posts about people successfully pairing t608's with their acuras)



I wrote up some more details in an e-bay auction. You can check out a copy of the auction here





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As a T608 owner, I would have to say to unleash this phone on the general public is idiotic. A general phone user would hate this phone, there are times even I want to chuck it across the room.


You should tell people to study up on the T608 before you try panning off a Sprint phone that's been hacked to work with Verizon. Sure they get OBEX capability with Verizon service, but they lose data (making DUN pointless) and text messaging. Also, firmware isn't the greatest: slow user interface and random freezing (depending how much you have stored on the phone). Headset/Handsfree profiles work best with Sony Ericsson BT headsets, any other kind often causes static problems, freezing, or pairing issues. It also doesn't take long for that nice T608 paint job to chip away. Had my phone for less than 2 months when it started to chip away.


I'd tell Verizon customers who must have BT to either: live with the V710 which commercially, is a better phone for the general public or move over to GSM/Edge carriers.

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quit trying to sell your cell phones here.


instead, you might want to go to the classifieds section...you know, where people sell things.


I considered it briefly, but decided that the post also had informational value. As a verizon user, I've been very frustrated with the lack of a good bluetooth phone. The t608 is half-way decent, and in my opinion a viable alternate to the v710. In my opinion, this post is relevant to a discussion about cars that can be equipped with bluetooth. If my post had said "Hey guys, I have discovered this new (insert anything here) kit for my car, you may want to check it out. And hey, if you decide that would like it, i know where you can get one" , would you have had the same issue?


As a T608 owner, I would have to say to unleash this phone on the general public is idiotic. A general phone user would hate this phone, there are times even I want to chuck it across the room.  (snip) 


Well as a (former) v710 and T608 owner, I'd argue quite the opposite. If I want bluetooth on verizon, I pretty much have 3 choices. An old motorola phone with addon (which was HUGE, and isn't being produced any longer). The V710, and a converted T608.


My primary problems with the v710 were the fact that it was a camera phone (and a poor one at that), and it's monstrous size. (camera phones are looked upon poorly at many gyms, and certain professions. I have done some work for a defense contractor, so...) Furthermore, as you mention, the Bluetooth on the v710 is crippled. I can use the T608 to sync my contacts and schedule with a computer, transfer files, etc. Basically everything bluetooth was meant to do.


The v710 bluetooth radio does seem to be a little bit stronger than the t608's, but both work fairly well for me. (in my case, I was able to be 2 rooms away from the phone with the v710 and one room away with the t608 before experiencing static... not a huge difference if the phone is in your car or in your pocket).


I've been able to use DUN without a problem (paired with both my tungsten T3 and laptop). I also have a Jabra 250 and have used it withotu any problems.


I will admit that the interface on the phone is kinda slow, but not significantly slower than many of the other phones i've tried over the years. I noticed it a little at first (compared to my old v60 cell), but once I got used to it, I haven't thought about it since.


Outgoing text messages do not work on this phone, but with the DUN, I can send messages for free from my palm. So this doens't really bother me.


The other problems you mention (freezing/stalling etc.) have been sparodically reported on t608.com. It seems that the consensus there is that the phone has too much information stored on it, and most users find that a full reset really helps. My t608 has never frozen on me, and I have definitely put it through its paces.


The paint issue, I must disagree with. I have over a dozen phones here with varying degrees of usage on the call timer. None shows evidence of paint chipping. Perhaps you got a bad sample?


I'm not suggesting that this phone is right for everyone. It's certainly not perfect, but it's just a choice that I bet most verizon users don't know about. It's also one of those things that seems like a new acura owner / verizon customer might have to dael with. Do some research, and if anyone needs any more information, I can probably point you in the right direction.



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your gay.:huggles:


also, jsut becaues people who drive acuras liek these phones doesnt mean it belongs in this section. people who sell things may like the phones too. there is a classified section for a reaseon. ass.

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