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What swap in an EG6 ?


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i have a 94 EG6 . i was trying to figure out what swap i should go with . heres the list :


-built B18c5

-Built LS w/ b16 head and turbo kit

-Built GSR w/ turbo kit

-Built H22

-K20A RsX type R


I dont know what would make my hatch the fastest . Im thinkin an LS would rip off the line and i can get a close ratio tranny and a stage 3 clutch but as i asked what would be the fastest ?



I am also going to use this car as a daily driver too so something i can still have good handling and turning abilities !

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Well, if you are looking for real fast I would say ls Vtec w/ turbo and a B-16 tranny w/ lsd. The only bad thing about this setup is that the Motor does not last long. A H22 Screams down the freeways, but through my experience it feels like a ton in front; also handling sucks. One other plus to the H22 is that the weight in front helps keep power on the wheels. The KA and B18c5 are great swaps also... but I prefer the B18 because it is an easier swap; drop in and go. The KA requires much more work and for now too many variables that might fail you. To sum it all up through my experience of just going fast my list would go:

1. LS Vtec turbo

2. GSR turbo

3. H22

4. B18C5

5. K20A (I never put one in my Car)

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just because you were wrong and he was right doesnt mean you gotta be a weiner. he is trying to make sure that the information being provided is correct, even if it is only a typing error.

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no man - my car is a USDM . it comes with a D15B7 . The JDM SiR comes with the B16 . I have a DX model so it only comes with a D15B7 . My car doesnt even have Vtec Right now . Sounds like i will be going with an LS with a b16 or GSR head and turbo with the motor fully built from Bottom to top. That should put out enough . Thanks for the help guys .

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