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Combination Head Light Switch


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I have a stock 1997 Civic LX with ~62K on it. Last weeknd the mechanism inside the combination head light switch which turns off the turn signals after completing a turn broke. I have to turn off the turn signal manually after making a turn. My dealer is telling me it would be about $300 to replace. Seems kinda steep. Now, I normally don't tear into my vehicles too much but I have done some minor stuff. I've installed a new head unit, an amp, and a 12" sub in our 2002 Odyssey which involved tearing into the dash, taking out a seat, etc. Nothing major. So my questions are these: Do you think I ought to attempt replacing this part myself? Why or why not? What would be involved? Is there any special tools required?


Thanks for any input.



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can't it just be a fuse or something? I mean these dealerships have no idea what their talking bout half the time its only bout money to them. how exactly do you turn it off. Suggestion... stop signaling and use hand signals [birdy not included]

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