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Hardtop For S2000


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I've recently spoke to two different sales staff at two different Honda outlets, they say that the standard S2000 doesn't require any additonal mods to attach a hardtop - just purchase it (for £520) and your done.

This doesn't seem to make sense though - why is the S2000 priced at 26K and the S2000 GT priced at 27K (£1000 more) if you can buy the hardtop for only £520???


To my knowledge the S2000 GT only has one difference to the S2000 - it's got a hardtop!!!!


I'd appreciate feedback from any current S2000 owners....


It's even more annoying, as I can't get hold of a S2000 brochure anywhere (UK).

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man. i got the coolest carbon fiber story. there is a guy here in indy that does custom anything in carbon fiber and my friend is sending him his 85 RX-7 and having the body complely redone in carbon fiber. its gona look awsome but wierd at the same tiem

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