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3rd Gen Integra's


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3rd gen includes 94-01


94 and 95 are obd1

96+ are obd2


94-97's have the old front end, no trunk release in the back, different steering wheel, and some other minor styling differences.


92-93 GSR's are b17s

94-01's are b18c1's

97,98,00, and 01 Type-R's are B18C5


B18a and b18b are the same thing, the b18a is just indicative of 2nd gen tegs, and the b18b is indicative of 3rd gen tegs.


if ur looking to just do bolt ons, a car with lower mileage would obviously be a better choice. if ur looking to rebuild it, then just find one with a blown motor and rebuild it.

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How much does the conversion cost in all? How much does the rear bumper cost?



What are all of the exterior/interior/suspension differences for the third generation Integras?

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interior 98-01 had the A on the stearing wheel as oppose to ACURA on it



and in 1999 -01 leather was a standard for the GSR (if not it was 2000-2001 but im pretty sure it was 1999)




front bumper well im sure you can tell the difference


rear bumper is a little more sporty looking you might not notice it unless you are looking for it.

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