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So in Japan, they call it the "Honda" Inspire?

I was looking at some. Are the front grills different too?

You going to take off the Acura emblem and put a Honda emblem?


btw, it looks really nice...

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yeah drew...acura tl in japan is called honda inspire. the honda inspire has the same grill as the acura TL's except there is a big H instead of the A that acrua has.


by the way...i have this big A*s problem!! i thought id vent here :(


well i just went outside to check my mail and noticed i have a flat!! so i went to change it out and put the donut on (the spare). anyway, so i inserted my lug lock in but as the idiot that i am, i didn't put it in all the way 100% so now the lug lock is all shaved down and wont open up my lugs no more!!! i did managed to take out 1 lug and it said "gorilla" something on it. ive seen this brand at the tire shop and was wondering if i can purchase just the lug lock opener? my little brother told me that im lucky that the lug lock opener i have is a universal lock opener....is this true??? let me post pics for you guys to see... man, im so dead meat! what do i do now?!?! :( :(


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i like how it looks without the acura emblem. im planning on getting a grill for my car from japan. its a brand called, "AZECT." the azect grill has an emblem of their own and so i plan on getting that. ill post a pic of it...this 1st pic is the grill...


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