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PLease help ob which to get


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it really just comes down to what you like better. they both have like the same number of parts because they both can use the same engines. i guess maybe you could say the crx has a little more potential to go fast because it is slightly lighter. but they arent really that much different, besides that one is a convertable and the other is a hatch.


im actually debating the same topic myself, i cant decide which one im going to get either when i sell my current car. i prefer the way the del sol looks, but the crx does weigh a little less and can be found for cheaper...... but it would be fun during the summer to have a convertable.


im sure youll be happy no matter which one you end up buying :D

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The Del Sol is a targa top, not a convertible.


If I were you, I would get the Del Sol, they're a little easier to find parts for.

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